Amazing Cotton Candy FAQ

Q. What do I have to provide if you come to my party

A. We need enough space for a six foot table with a standard electrical outlet.

Q. Do you really provide all the materials when you are on site?

A. Yes, we provide all the cotton candy mix and cones. We will keep making cones as long and there are hungry guest looking for our treats.

Q. How big are your cotton candy treats?

A. We typically make a standard 1 oz big fluffy cone, but can make smaller ones if you would like us to give out more cones faster.

Q. How many cones can you make in an hour?

A. We can typically make 100 large cones in an hour. If we make smaller cones (1/2 oz) we could make as many as 200.

Q. What flavours do you make?

A. We generally serve the two most popular flavours (blue raspberry and pink vanila), but we can also bring a wider selection if you are interested.